Laura Marling’s London Live Streaming Show on June 6th, 2020

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“Laura Marling will be performing a live solo concert from Union Chapel in London on Saturday 6th June. Filmed with multiple cameras in Ultra HD and with the highest quality audio, this iconic venue will be transformed into a beautiful setting for this one time only live event. Laura will perform a full set of songs from her catalogue along with songs from her new album Song For Our Daughter. Tickets will be limited, and available to fans in North America only. When the show’s about to start, the link to join will appear on your ticket, or you can access the stream link that we’ll email you on the day.”

Alyson Camus and I don’t agree on many things but we absolutely agree upon one thing: those live streaming events are a nightmare and not o be watched. The ones I watched and liked, Code Orange, Rhett Miller, Dropkick Murphys, were nothing special, and the rest, whether Willie Nelson pandemic farm aid or who knows what the fuck Lady Gaga thought she was doing, were unwatchable con jobs.

Add to that, I have consistently been disappointed in Laura Marling since Once I Was An Eagle, her 2013 masterpiece. So why did I buy a tix for her streaming live show from England on June 6th?  Saturday. Before, as John Lennon once put it, all this, I had big plans on June 6th, first half of the day at Govs Ball, the next at Pier 17 to catch Dacid Crosby and Jason Isbell. That’s not happening of course (by the way did you read this New York Times interview with Jason: why is he and Amanda telling us this most terribly private stuff? THEY NEARLY BROKE UP BECAUSE THEY DISAGREED ABOUT HIS NEW ALBUM?).

So maybe that was it.

Also, I’ve seen Laura plenty of times and except for the last time -and that was better than the record,  she has always been great  on stage (the best show I’ve seen her perform, the opening suite from the show is on some deluxe album or other,  is here). And listening to the new one, Song For Our Daughter, sounds a little better a month later. Laura often performs solo and she is good at making the public personal and… well, what else is there to do?

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