Last Weekend: Time Moves Faster And Faster

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I’ve been playing with the idea of a ‘that was the week that was’ column, just because everything moves so quickly it is hard to keep your mind organized and just take a breather and say, “okay, what just happened”.

But things move sooooo fast that a week is too big a timeframe. I went to see Cyndi Lauper on July 10th and it feels like a month ago, July 3rd for One Direction and it might as well be last year. Music moves faster, West and Jay-Z are in the rearview mirror and Pet Shop Boy feels old and it has only just been released.

I am writing this on Monday and this weekend feels like a lifetime ago. For me it went like this: apparently I got turned down by Laura Marling for an interview, started my vacation, went to “Pacific Rim”, watched Taylor Swift sweat at Metlife with Margaret and her kids, Helen and Mary went to Warped Tour, Cory Monteif of Glee found dead, George Zimmerman found not guilty, listened to a steady diet of Laura and Kanye, along with the work stuff.

And now it is Monday and all of that, all of it, seems like old news…  don’t even mention She & Him. The Marshall Crenshaw? Another lifetime…


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