Last Call: Week Of 12-22-14

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2015 Flow – YG – In the weakest year for rap in immediate memory, YG found his bearings on the final song of his current album, an oriental track under a kenrick complex rape, which speeds up suddenly and blows up dramatically -it isn’t me by the way, look at the Grammy nominees above. Thoroughly depressing  – B+

Better World – The Ships – I am not certain if these guy’s lyrics are really really drastic in their weirdness or if knowing they are Spanish affects my perception of their lyrics, the way ABBA suffers from the same perceived clumsiness. The road album makes it home in time for the lead singer to come off too arrogant again – B

Come On Down – Ronnie Fauss – Sounds like GP – B+

Endless Road – Angel Olsen – Morbid dead end ending – B+

Mamacita – Young Thug – After an album of thuggery and general wiseass nastiness, there is this reggaton hard rapping sex and love song with a nifty twisting beat on the break – B+


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