Last Call: Final Tracks Off New Albums -10-16 – 7-16-15

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Praise The Lord – Public Enemy – One of their worst albums ever ends with an obstreperous piece of crap –what the hell gives? – C-

Pick Up Your Heart – Lol Wayne – This song goes nowhere at all –his all singing all rapping doesn’t work – C+

I Wish It Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free – Nina Simone – This is the song of song where her legends grow from, soul folk Gospel from the 60s, a beautiful song of freedom, written by Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas – B+

Alternica – Veruca Salt – Has soft loud ever been more annoying –this is the sort of song you expect from Dave Grohl’s ex – C-

Nothing Hurts – Wavves And Cloud Nothings – This is much more Clouds than Wavves, ot reminds of their earliest days only with louder guitars, another goodie off a good album – B+

Did You Have Your Fun? – R5 – Oh cool, like for your last song and they are checking in on you – D+

Lovey Dovey – the bird and the bee – awful arty one to end it – C

Life In Velvet – Between The Buried And The Dead – Starts off slow then gets loud, the loud part is pretty, great guitar – B-

Life’s A Rebirth – Ghostface Killah – 1) No it isn’t and 2) better this instrumental Motown meets electronic beats than the rest of the album – B-

I Still Do – Tyrese – Oh shut up – D



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