Last Call: Final Songs Off New Albums 6-24-16 – 6-30-16

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Police Get Away Wit Murder – YG – This is agitprop of plain speak, no dodging from the bullets here, just straight forward in your face black anger matters rap, like 911’s a bigger joke than you ever imagined it could be – B+

For The Homies – The Game, Micha, Payso – It must be an 80s inspired word if you ain’t doing more than srapping “fuck your dead homies” in 2016. This is a big dramatic bore of a track – C

Sell The House – The Felice Brothers – This song sucks, but wait, there is a hidden song right after it and it sucks as well!!! Strilingly asinine Americana and I gave the album a C+? Was I on drugs? – C-

Bet You Didn’t Know That – Riff Raff, Lil Durk – This is nondescript, where is this weirdo rapper I’ve been reading about? Stymied aby an anemic sample, the two rap the holes well but it says nothing -really how many words rhymes with Lamborghini? – C-

#Musik – Mindless Behavior- Not only is the rapping OK, the song itself is very good indeed, and the verses a well song piece of fourth wall battering – B

Shelter – Dorothy – Stonesy ballad with the “you gimme shelter for myself” hook  almost a parody, it’s a pity the song stinks – C+

Suicide Pact – DJ Shadow – If you are gonna off yourself, just do it – D+

I Don’t Mind (feat Alex Dezen) – Bun E. Carlos – first rate classic rock featuring the Damnwell’s leader. A real treat to tend the album – B+


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