Lady Gaga And A Fan Fell Down Off Stage In Las Vegas

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Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has currently a very successful ‘Enigma’ residency in Las Vegas, and, a few days ago, she fell off the stage after inviting a fan to join her. According to many reports, and to the twitter account of the fan himself, Gaga invited Jack (the fan in question) on stage after reading his letter, she then jumped on him, but he slid on the wet floor and they both fell down… he even said he tried to make sure he was taking the ‘brunt of the fall’.

Obviously, the entire scene was captured on video, and you can see that Gaga is not faking it, she really jumped on Jack, with her legs around him, and they both went down. But soon, you hear Gaga’s reassuring voice calming the audience with a few ‘everything is okay’ as they walked both on stage. Next, Gaga is hugging him, comforting him and they both sit on the same bench as she is about the play the next song on piano. She truly handled the incident very well, even making a romantic comparison to the movie Titanic. ‘We fell into each other’s arms like Rose and Jack’. That’s over the top but the whole scene is.

After the show, Lady Gaga also invited Jack backstage and I bet he hasn’t stopped kissing each one of his bruises since.

‘I love you forever @ladygaga and the words you said to me last night after the show i’ll cherish forever,’ he tweeted.

Since the incident, he has become a sort of Twitter star, receiving plenty of messages from media outlets asking for an interview… so far he has declined:

‘and for every media outlet messaging me trying to get a story out of me, let me make this perfectly clear…YOU’RE NOT GETTING A STORY OUT OF ME, I respect gaga far too much for that type of shit.’

But what story? I guess this is it, as we already have the only story that exists, an incident during a moment of stage enthusiasm and Lady Gaga getting a bit too close to one of her fans. It is also very easy to guess what was told backstage. But good for him that he is resisting his Entertainment Tonight minute, it’s not that often that someone declines the appeal of fame. Watch the fall below


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