LA Electronic Musician White Rainbow Accused Of Domestic Violence

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White Rainbow


I have never seen White Rainbow, but I could have, it’s the moniker of an LA electronic musician named Adam Forkner, and I could have stumbled on one of his performances at some local clubs. The music is defined as experimental, psychedelic ambient but this time, I don’t really care about the music… His girlfriend Christine Messersmith has accused him of the worst, serious domestic violence, as the LA Weekly reports.

In a Facebook post entitled ‘ONLY REPOST THIS IF YOU BELIEVE IN NON-VIOLENCE’, she described what happened to her. ‘I have never used the Internet as a platform to receive social justice, until now,’ she explains, ‘I have been forced into this position.’

She writes that he has been beaten her ‘senseless in Feburary’, and as many women, she was hoping for a change. She says she has ‘been trying to deal with this privately’, as he ‘signed up for all the anger management’. They had been together for 7 months and she was aware of events in the past that she ‘was too afraid to confront’, but as it is often the case in these situations, she ‘reached out for help after the first attack, and found none’. His friends even suggested it was happening because she was ‘flirtatious’. To sum up the situation, the guy has assaulted other women in the past (at least 2), his male friends were aware of his violence toward women but nothing was done. And we are not talking about light violence, Christine posted some really disturbing photos below her posts as she describes the assault:’ The attack lasted for 15 minutes; cornering me and smashing my face and body into objects and the floor, running from him from room to room until I was forced into my closet and called the police.’

She was pressured to not report the assault but she decided to press charges, ‘I will not remain silent because someone is so well liked within an artistic community. Too often do men who have never had a single consequence due to the privilege of their art and trust fund get away with such monstrosities,’ Christine concludes

Forkner, originally from Portland, where he was at one point a prominent member of the music scene, has recently released a cassette on label Leaving Records, distributed by Stones Throw Records, but owner Mattewdavid removed the title from the catalogue, explaining: ‘In light of the events presented, world-wide removal of our White Rainbow title has begun – Leaving Records does not support violence against women, whatsoever. According to the LA Weekly, Forkner was supposed to play at Los Globos on Wednesday, as he does every month, but the club said it was cutting ties with the musician indefinitely.

Look at this picture above, the guy looks like an angel and listen to him in this interview with LA Records: ‘… I’ve been a musician my whole life. I love all types of music and I’ll never rock just one crew. … I just had a beat on the new Lil B mixtape—I sent him a bunch and he used one. I made a few beats with this rapper Juiceboxx, he’s a funny kid. As I’ve gotten older, I faded away from any particular scene. I’ve opened up for friends, famous indie bands and that’s fun…’ he thought he was going places!

Domestic violence is a terrible thing, and it doesn’t matter if it concerns famous or not so famous people, it doesn’t make any difference, this guy’s career should be over before it really started. He was performing for Red Bull Sound Select at the Troubadour, DJ-ing at the Satellite and Los Globos, then beating up each one of his girlfriends. I wonder how many artists I see have this hidden dark side, and use the privilege of their art as Christine writes, we just know about Forkner because his girlfriend did the right thing and spoke up, but how many of them never do?


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