L.A. Burning, West Coast Concert Picks, December 23rd To 29th 2019

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the slowest week of the year

Steven Adler (of Guns N’ Roses) will play the Whisky on Saturday


This is the slowest week of the year show-wise because it’s Christmas of course! Here are still a few highlights for this holy week:


Monday 23rd
CeCe Winans is at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Royalties, Romy, Garbitch, Neyva, Satanna, Dusk are at the Echo
SLAUGHTERHOUSE, Nice, Reckling, Sex Beat are at the Moroccan Lounge
HENRY HALL, Jack Symes, Monastereo are at the Bootleg
Mojo Messiah, Muthamade are at the Redwood


Tuesday 24th: Christmas Eve

Wednesday 25th: Christmas Day


Thursday 26th
Horse The Band, Seizures, Melted Bodies are at the Regent theater
STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT, Chavez Revine, Voice On Tape are at the Bootleg
Ryan Fuller, Ginger Cowgirl, the Jew Cocks, the G.S. are at the Redwood


Friday 27th
Dead & Company are at The Forum
Spafford are at The Roxy
Gabriel Iglesias is at the Staples Center
Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, Meredith Axelrod, Frank Fairfield are at The Pico Union Project
Post Life, Lunch Lady, Yawwn, Ian Sweet (DJ Set) are at The Hi Hat
Los Lobos are at The Canyon Club
Brainstory, Los Retros, Xin Xin, DJs Fresko, De Madrugada are at the Moroccan Lounge


Saturday 28th
Dead & Company are at The Forum
Roddy Ricch is at the Hollywood Palladium
The Aquabats!, PPL MVR, Dirt Farm are at the Fonda Theatre
The Delirians, Blanco y Negro are at The Paramount
Spafford are at The Roxy
Momma, Orchin, Gal Pal are at The Hi Hat
Steven Adler (of Guns N’ Roses), Adrenalin Red, Stonebreed, Stormbreaker, 6 Speed Supernova, Thatcher are at The Whisky A Go Go
Programmed for Pleasure, BYSTS, Belfast are at the Moroccan Lounge
ZACH TABORI, The Gooms, The Breathing Effect are at the Bootleg
SadGirl, The Crudes, Love Fiend are at Zebulon
Los Lobos are at The Canyon Club
Steppe People, Smurls, Mire are at the Redwood


Sunday 29th
Bino Rideaux is at The Roxy
Los Lobos are at The Rose
Lagwagon are at the Regent Theater
McCall, Kate Grahn, hava, Adam Yaron are at the Moroccan Lounge
The Blackjackits, Cursed Bastards, Wake The Dead are at the Redwood

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