Kinks Bassist, Pete Quaife's Veritas Volume 1 Pulled from Amazon

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Say what? Pete Quaife was bassist of The Kinks and a great writer of fiction. Veritas Volume 1, his first book is about a 60's rock band.  Loosely based upon his adventures with The Kinks it finally was published and released only to see author Quaife pass away from renal failure 8 months later.  Tougher still is publishers were anticipatiing Volume 2 in 2013. 

Whats is saddest is that the books proceeds were to go to charity in Pete Quiafes name, but the book has been pulled from retail over the cover photo.

Quaife’s brother Dave says he’s devastated that charity money won’t come in from the book, and its sequel is unlikely to be published.

In a statement Dave reports: “Veritas is no longer available. Although assured by Hiren Publishing there were no copyright infringements on the sleeve, the book was taken off Amazon after complaints by Harrie Verstappen, claiming he owns the photo copyright.

“My publisher was unable to trace her legal advisor to rectify the problem. As a result all the remaining books have been destroyed.

“As a matter of interest the same photograph can be found on many FaceBook pages and on the web, except for ours after the FaceBook team removed them. I am devastated, upset with this outcome and we will do our best for recompense"

As a result of photographer Harrie Verstappen’s claim of ownership of the cover photo, the entire project is done and books were actually destroyed? There has got to be more to this story or Verstappen is the biggest tool of all time.  Honestly if your more worried about your copyright on a book than the funding of a fatal illness you need a shrink.  This being said there are those who are now simply dontating the books retail cost to the fund. See, there is good fighting greed. I have used the photo here just to infringe.  Oh thats Quaife on the far left.


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