Killcode Krew, "Still Here" Video Review

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Hey Killcode Krew
















Facebook is a funny site.  Why do you want to be my friend and why am  I yours and if I needed $5 til payday would all of my friends choke it up.  Hell no.

Facebook also offers a nifty ‘inbox’ function.  As you can see right here on the morning of the fourth of July I got a msg from a band I apparently am friends with.  This is how it begins and this is how we get to this review.  Auto response or a really bored band member I will never know who I was corresponding with but the fact of the matter is- they get a bit of space right here on rocknyc.

Let’s get the negative out of the way.  There are two minor things I am not found of.  I dont like the “K” in Krew.  It’s silly and 80’s ands so is lead singer ‘Tom’s’ moustache.  Thats it.  Thats all I have on the negative.

This slickly produced video throws Kid Rock and Stone Sour into a Vita Mix and makes a bloody mess.  Its a great song for those who enjoy their metal with a dash of down home cookin’, meaning these New York City boys have a Southern twang- where the hell did that come from?

There is nothing unique about the tune but its anthemic qualities will certainly make the devil horns rise and there is a strong hungry young market just dying for this genre.  Its a cool niche, this Southern inspired hard rock.  But alas, Im a punk rock girl so its not my scene.

I absolutely respect bands that reach out and will always do my best to at least give them a shout out-Killcode Krew could potentially be your new favorite band.  So give them a try on your way to grab some Skoal.

Hey Killcode Krew- well done





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