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Khalil Kain: “Lambs To Slaughter”


Music is the weapon of the future!”-Fela Kuti


The future of rap takes a step sideways in the guise of writer/director/actor, and spoken word artist Khalil Kain on his debut album Lambs To Slaughter. In the same lineage as The Last Poets (his father Gylan Kain was a founding member), and the legendary Gil Scott-Heron, Kain’s cadences pulsate as he takes an incendiary look at the current state of America. (It is no wonder that) the album is also the sonic backdrop/score to Kain’s theatrical play of the same name. His words have power and he delivers them with an urgency that mandates a response from the listener.

Khalil Kain is an established American actor with a career that has spanned two decades. An urban icon . His performance in the seminal film Juice has endeared him to fans and colleagues alike-and now he uses his trademark swagger & bravado to testify to the experience of race in these dangerous times. Weaving  Hip-Hop, classic Soul, Funk, Spoken word, and a healthy dose of “Old School Rap”, Lambs To Slaughter defies categorization. Like Khalil Kain himself, it is an American original.


YouTube links:

“28 Days Of Blackness”:


“Lil’ Duckie”



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