Kayls’ New Single “Drive Away” Hits 100k Streams

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Kayls’ new single “Drive Away” hits 100k streams


Indie pop breakout artist Kayls amasses 100k streams in a few short weeks. With striking new vision produced by one of the only female pop producers, Bambor Leany, the song creates a sonic landscape previously inhabited by Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, and other breakout stars.


Kayls announces Drive Away video drop and

multiple new singles in early 2020.

“Drive Away, a female fronted anthem that

gives dream-pop a whole new meaning.”


“The Fearless songstress has forged a path

entirely of her own and there is no sign of slowing down.” – Earmilk

“You can say without a doubt that Drive Away

has all the facets of a modern masterpiece.”

– LeFutureWave

“Good luck on your release.” – Lana Del Rey

“Think shimmering pool lights, post-midnight

trips in Ferraris across the Pacific Coast Highway, heartbreak and muffins. The track, produced by Bambor Leany, trips with pop melodies and hallucinogenic rogue.”

Red Carpet Magazine


Kayls’ voice is like a drop of morning dew caught on a spider web stretching between a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a single desert poppy as weed smoke wafts by and a hundred-dollar bill falls onto the concrete and you decide love is an illusion that you want to stay in for one more day. Her producer, Bambor Leany, makes tracks that are like soft serve diamond ice cream pressed into an electric fence surrounding San Quentin prison when its raining in Autumn and you just dropped your phone but the screen didn’t break and you decide you need to get the hell out of there.


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