Kanye West’s Home Is An Empty White Museum

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Kanye West's Home

Kanye West’s Home


Home is where your heart is, right? If your personal interior may tell much more about you than you ever want to admit, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have thought twice before showing their private home in Architectural Digest and on social media. The minimalism of this immaculate mansion is something to ponder. This is obviously not a house where anyone lives, and certainly not a house habited by 4 children! It’s a landscape of virgin white over virgin white, a collection of empty rooms that have the austerity of a monastery. I understand you don’t want to show a messy house to Architectural Digest, but this is way beyond this feeling, this is something coming from a movie set and a place where all signs of life have been sucked out. In comparison, American Psych’s loft or 2001 Space Odyssey’s bedroom may look lively.

This quest for ultra-simplicity with barely a piece of furniture in sight has the look of a giant piece of modern art. It’s more art installation than home, and that pink symmetry in North’s bedroom has to be the trophy of the house, the rewarding candy after such a strict diet. There’s an obvious search for purity and perfection which feels so unnatural… which human being can live in such a sterile museum?

There’s a lot of research showing that messy houses and disorganized surroundings are encouraging creativity, so either this doesn’t apply to Kanye or he has another place for this. Plus, I don’t really buy their minimalism pretense, the house and the rooms are immense, the closets are probably as big as my house, and filled with Kanye’s last collections…, meaning 200 beige sweaters and 300 hoodies… Minimalist, it isn’t, it’s not as if they were living in a one-bedroom apartment.

When I saw this house, I immediately thought about Linda Ramone and her incredibly colorful Ramone ranch! This place is the complete opposite of Kanye’s empty house. Linda likes stuff, the more colorful and the more cluttered, the better, and her place is a pink flashy and vintage rainbow of stuff, another kind of museum filled with memorabilia. It’s also very personal, a feeling very absent at the West house. So if a house tell more about your personality than you may want to admit, should we conclude that the Ramones and the West had completely opposite personalities?


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