Kanye West Joins Joel Osteen At Yankee Stadium On May 2nd, 2020

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Did I get a ticket. Yup. I wasn’t surprised. With 54K seats to fill, and Kanye being

1 – The opening act


2 – Much less popular as a Born Again Christian

It was always going to be a tough sell, though the price, every seat is $44 after Ticketmaster handling fees, was amazing, people are tired of Kanye and unless they don’t, despise Joel -a pasty faced Southern Baptist preacher who is a lot better than many of his fellow travelers. He discusses goodness not sin and though when asked he called homosexuality a sin according to the Bible, he added that many things are a sin and homosexuals and homosexuals are welcome.

But I doubt I’ll even wait for his sermon, I want to see Ye. I loved his opera Mary (here) and haven’t been able to see his Sunday Service in person despite both Jesus Is King and Jesus Is Born being huge albums for me last year.

So that makes me, Tomas Doncker and Nick Cave on the Kanye is our greatest living artist side, and many, many other people who loath him.

But I jumped at the chance to buy a ticket and can not even wait… I hope we get at least an hour… and I hope we get a ton off both albums.

The next Born Again album by Kanye will be a commercial disaster for him…


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