Kanye and Cupcakke Find God

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Cupcakke -the great raunchy rapper, once noted “like who the fuck you like, fuck the world,” a sentiment that could have come out of the Bible if you bleeped a coupla words. But not good enough for Cupcakke who, like Kanye West, is saved. And, unlike Kanye, is taking down all her songs while she embraces the Bible. Kanye’s next album is called Jesus Is King.
Rappers have found God all time, Mase found God, so did KRS One, Rev Run and many more, but the difference is that with the exception of Reverend Run, they’ve been minor players. Kanye embracing Jesus is akin to Bob Dylan’s embrace of Christianity. And psychologically, it is the same deal: if everybody thinks you’re Godlike than the only person you can look up to is God. Cupcakke is different but I’ll get back to her.

I am not religious, but I am not against religion. I am a borderline atheist, and the only reason I can consider there to be even the remotest possibility of an afterlife is because it is more than possible, it is likely, that I am missing the point. To me, the moral to life is as many enjoyable sensations in as long a period of time. .But I might be wrong, not only are my favorite novelists Christians (Vladimir Nabokov and Leo Tolstoy to name but two), but my father was a serious Muslim, my sister and late brother-in-law are both serious Muslims, and my other two sisters are both born again Christians. My sister Feriel tells of a harrowing night back in 1979, praying over her sick daughter, by the end of the night her daughter had recovered and she had found Jesus. My Mom, who was hysterical in her own way, was Christian when she felt well, and reverted back to Islam when she was ill.

So I get what religion can do, what I don’t get is what on earth Cupcakke, who cancelled her tour, is talking about. From Brooklynvegan (here) (the video is at the bottom):

“’So, this live will be the last video that y’all see of me. All my career, y’all have known me to be a nice girl, which I am. Recently, the past night, and today, I just been sporadic. It’s because I wanted to get as much attention as possible to let y’all know that I will no longer be doing music. And all of my music will be coming off every platform. I decided to give up. I decided to give up. I don’t want to say give up, let go music because I feel as though I’m corrupting the youth.

“’I want to go to heaven after this and I don’t want to go to hell. Just seeing all-age kids at the shows, seeing them sing along to ‘hump me’ and ‘fuck me’ and all this shit, it has torn me apart. I’m just not happy. I don’t want to be around no one right now…It’s wrong. And even if it’s OK for y’all, it’s not OK with me…I want to be normal again.’

“CupcakKe also admits to having a ‘very bad gambling addiction,’ in the video, including an instance when she says she lost $700,000 gambling in a casino in September of 2018.”

Cupcakke, who was posting about committing suicide earlier this year, is free to do whatever she wants, but it is surely a complete misreading of Christianity to believe that sexual promiscuity is anti-God. Why she could believe for one instance that embracing her sexuality (and her body image) hurts people baffles me complete. Or maybe not completely, that would be the whiff of Gamblers Anonymous we are gagging on. Taking her music away from the landscape is cultural vandalism, she is gravely mistaken if she thinks that’s what anybody or thing wants from her.

Kanye has been Jesus heading since “Jesus Walks” and certainly, ever since the death of his mother (in a cosmetic surgery he paid for), he has been bi-polaring his life away. His wife’s announcement that Kanye was saved didn’t constitute a big surprise. But it seems to me that his religion is a lock from the condemnation of the past decade’s key (“the abomination of Obama Nation”), and, like all musicians, he isn’t a solitary guy, he is a major collaborator and God ain’t a bad choice for collaborating with. Musically, God won’t help (because Ye needs none) though it can’t harm.

The problem with religion is logistics: if the afterlife is eternal and life lasts a 100 years or so, there is nothing that we do on earth that can possibly matter, a 100 years is a blink in the hurricane of, not even infinity, the universe, just since the big bang. Even if you were to blow up the entire planet, eternal damnation is an irrational response. And that irrational thing is the reason organized religions are a fraud. They can’t have eternal souls and eternal damnation; they can not justify the lessons of one hundred years juxtaposed against all time.

Meanwhile, Cupcakke, a great rapper and a terrific person, is beating herself up for having a healthier, smarter, and more realistic vision of love and sex, than Christian weathermen. Instead of taking pride in helping kids get through this life alive she is down because kids use the f bomb. To quote a man who isn’t saved: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

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