Justice for Elliott Smith, A New Website Dedicated To The Investigation Into The Death Of The Singer Songwriter

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About 5 years ago, Rock NYC started to look into the mysterious death of singer songwriter Elliott Smith. Rock NYC‘s editor Iman Lababedi started being interested by Elliott’s story when sound engineer Larry Crane (who had often worked with Elliott) left a comment, following a review of one of Elliott’s albums and mentioning his ‘suicide’:

‘Your facts on Elliott’s passing are incorrect’, wrote Crane, and that was enough to trigger Iman’s curiosity. When I also left a comment, a long investigation into Elliott Smith’s mysterious death started.

Since that moment, we have been trying to investigate his death and we have written many, many articles. After talking to many people who knew Elliott, after examining the details of the autopsy report (and make them review by experts), after looking at the narrative of his girlfriend Jennifer Chiba, we were alarmed by the many inconsistencies and discrepancies of the case. His death was determined inconclusive by the coroner and the case was left open by the LAPD since 2003.

I have decided to gather all these articles, originally published by Rock NYC over the course of five years, on a brand new website: Justice for Elliott Smith: An investigation into Elliott Smith’s mysterious death. The idea is to re-publish almost all the articles on this new website, which will also gather all the possible information, such as the articles published by the Guardian, Spin, the LA Weekly, the autopsy report, the details of the lawsuit attempted by Jennifer Chiba against the estate, the petition to resuscitate the investigation, and many relevant quotes by his friends and close family.

Every day, two more articles will be added, and of course every time new information will be available, the website will be updated. We hope that the new website will attract the attention on the case, which has been neglected by the LAPD for so many years.

All this will have never been possible without Iman’s dedication for the story, and remember, ‘Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for’.

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