Jus Post Bellum Stonewalls Us!

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I am conducting the Geoffrey Wilson, leader of the civil war inspired band Jus Post Bellum (a reference to the aftermath of the American civil war).

A subject both insulated and open ended though, to be honest, something of an art project than a constant for a rock band… maybe?

Listening to Geoffrey's folk songs, the lyric on, say, "Stonewall Jackson" veers into the prosaic though the music, a blurry accolade plus exemplary use of the "n" word -it shocks for its timing in ways hip hop can't even think of doing anymore.

Better is "Sheryl Ann", so rooted in the time and place and in many ways timeless.

The rest of the songs are also rooted in time and place but not timeless. Except it is 100s of years later. Geoffrey is considered experimental and I guess he is but more because he delineates and narrows his attack so precisely it is strange: Jus Pos Bellum works within a very very set parameter and the sound echoes through time.

It is strange and moving and begs the question -a question I will ask him when I conduct the Q & A for Thursday Muse And Music Performance, whether he is a hobbyist, a dilettante, or whether there is something behind the curtain, something that feedbacks to us through time.

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