Journey’s End: The Top Five Biggest Musical Losses Ever

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Thanatology? Well, early death feels like the rule of thumb… read em and weep:

1 – Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791) –  the greatest composer of all time? If not him, who? Adept at every form of classical music, he was a beloved figure in his time and never went out of style. Mozart died at the age of 35 (not as young as it would be now, but he had another 10 years in hi, easy), while writing “Requiem” -it is difficult to imagine how much we lost.

2 – Buddy Holly (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959) – In the process of inventing chamber pop, with a lifetime in front of him, he rock and roll died in a plane crash at the age of 21.

3 – John Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) – an incalculable loss, a revolutionary force in both pop and art and politics, he was murdered at the age of 40 for being John Lennon.

4 – Marvin Gaye  (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984) – The blueprint for r&b crooner to this very day and  well beyond, the Motown superstar had just released the titanic Sexual Healing , and was murdered by his father at the age of forty.

5 – Biggie Smalls (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) – The greatest rapper of all time, gone at 24

Plus one more? George Gershwin, swing and jazz composer, wrote the great American opera, and was dead at 39.



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