John Mellencamp And The Five Stages Of Grief

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Just watched John Mellencamp’s “Plain Spoken – Live at the Chicago Theater.”

Denial – Who the fuck is this Tom Waits impersonator anyway?

Anger – What is this, like off your new album?

Bargaining – Ok that “Check It Out”was good, but if I hear the intro to “I Want A Lover”, I’m going home, raising a family, making a real difference in society, and by the time I get back you still won’t have gotten to the vocal.

Depression – Again with the violin and accordion? If I wanted this I would have invaded France by now.

Acceptance – It’s ironic I will probably ending up shooting myself in the head watching a fat white audience guy in a suit jamming right the hell out, while you sing

“Oooh yeah….life goes on.”


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