John Fogerty To Play "Green River" In Its Entirety… Cheapest Tix $73

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Look, I love John Fogerty as much as any one and no, I don't care if he is really an asshole. not my problem.

And I love Green River more than you do.  An absolutely swampy masterpiece from the title track to one of the scariest and most present songs ever written, "Bad Moon Rising" to what CCR did better than nothing, the stand out cover song, here the blues classic  "The Night Time Is The Right Time". So, yeah, one of the greats.

Now here is another question for y'all… given the facts shouldn't I be jumping at the opportunity to see Fogerty at the Beacon? Perhaps, I should, I was, but at $73 for a nosebleed… it just isn't worth it.

Perhaps I'm simply poorer than the rest of the world, but man, that is pricey. Ten years ago that'd gotten me front row. $50 woulda gotten me front row. The concert is November 17th and 18th.

As my pal Larry Lachman recently put it, concert tickets are becoming a luxury item.


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