Jesika von Rabbit to Release EP ‘Dessert Rock’

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Jesika von Rabbit


Joshua Tree resident, Jesika von Rabbit is about to release a new EP ‘Dessert Rock’, a title nod to her home in the California desert. Jesika has been making music about her surrounding for some time, but don’t expect stoner rock from the self-proclaimed Queen of the High Desert. ‘Amidst the heavy machismo and heavy rock guitar riffs of popular Desert Rock bands, I’m taking a slightly sweeter approach,’ she declared in a press release. ‘We empower the listeners and pull them down the rabbit hole and back up again.’

The album is eclectic, from upbeat pop to gloomy synth, most of the music rides a dark wave, which has effectively little to do with Kyuss or other rock-metal desert bands. On ‘Calypso Facto’, she sounds like a seductive dance queen with a Madonna-like girl empowerment, while her politically-charged ‘Innuendo’ (watch the video below) has a fun and catchy tempo, while the clap-song with a somber psychedelic keyboard turns into some infectious chorus.

But there’s more than plain fun on this album, a few songs are simply weird and truly original, with Jesika sounding like a new Nina Hagen on the dark industrial dancefloor of ‘Palm Springs Livin’, a social commentary on her close surrounding.

‘Dessert Rock’ offers plenty of sonic adventures, the very curious ‘The Mushroom Haired Girl’ is a noisy psychedelic track which could refer to the rabbit hole she is talking about, while the Arabic-beat-collapsing-into-a-Nintendo-game ‘Make Me Feel Better’ is a very busy and layered song, which will probably make you dig for more and search through the album’s unique blend of psychedelic, electro new wave, and funk. ‘Children of the Dust’ sounds like a sunbeam going through a sci-fi synth surfing on a surf, and there’s an undeniable dangerous sex appeal to the bass-driven ‘My Medicine’, which may sound like the most traditional song of the album while ending like a dramatic spaghetti westerns soundtrack.

‘Dessert Rock’ is a trip, a very creative one, going down and up and down, and ending with a stripped-down cover of Culture Club’s famous 1982 hit ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’.

‘Dessert Rock is built on the themes of freedom, adventure and little darkness that all stem from personal experience,’ said von Rabbit about this new album. ‘We all have hard times once in a while but hopefully, the good times outshine the rest. Our music is fun with a message. We want the people to have fun and think, too.’ The desert has never sounded so cool and intriguing.

‘Dessert Rock’ is Jesika Von Rabbit’s second solo album and the follow up to her 2015 LP ‘Journey Mitchell’, both on Dionysus Records. The album will be released on Sept. 14th and will be available for purchase on both LP (on white vinyl) and CD.

Dessert RockTracklist:

Calypso Facto
Palm Springs Livin’
Make Me Feel Better
Children of the Dust
Do You Reall Want to Hurt Me
Going Down
The Mushroom Haired Girl
My Medicine


9/1: Campout Festival, Pioneertown, CA

10/5: Joshua Tree Music Festival

10/27: Halloween Show at Pappy & Harriet’s, Pioneertown, CA.

Dessert Rock Listening party:

9/15 Dessert Rock Listening party at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

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