Jeff Lynne’s ELO Presale Code Here: It Is Alone

Written by | November 12, 2015 13:48 pm | 12 responses


I am not promising mind, but I have heard that the presale code for Jeff Lynne’s Irving Plaza gig on November 20th TRACKS . It is ALONE

This could be wrong, and tickets go on sale at 4pm here, and even with the code, I don’t fancy yours or my changes very much. But for the sake of a coupla clicks, it might be worth the effort, right?

If you don’t make it, tickets to the general public go on sale tomorrow at 10am -and I fancy your chances for that one even less…

Price is sixty five bucks plus.

SO anyway, TRACKS  ALONE and let’s hope I wasn’t lied to. Good luck my fellow Travelling Wilburys and all I will add to those of you who don’t’ get out much, Irving Plaza is a small room, and while it can be difficult to see anything, the acoustics are great.


See you there (maybe, perhaps).



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