Jay Z and Beyoncé, OTR II At Hampden Park, Saturday, June 9th, 2018, Reviewed

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A two and a half hour show run by two icons proving that love can conquer all after their rocky couple of years, that was Jay Z and Beyoncé, OTR II.
Dancing, striding, running, and walking in her dazzling outfits,  grisly showed what a remarkable women Beyoncé is. And Jay Z, the male version of a diva, the hustler, really showed his character throughout the show. His outfits were definitely more low key but matches his part in the show to a Z.
Their opening song ‘Holy Grail’ from Jay Z’s 2013 album  had them holding hands the whole way through, showing no bitterness between the two. This is then followed by a number of clips shown on the large screen, playing scenes of the pair and their kids in the Caribbean to clips of them lying in bed together. Jay Z would come out on stage warming up the crown for his wife for the first crowd screaming song, ‘Drunk in Love’. ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ was a fierce duet attacked by the pair whilst either one was on each respective catwalk, bouncing the lyrics back and fourth.
Beyoncé went through a few of her Lemonade songs , which the crowd loved. ‘Sorry’ being the one that got them all going. She showed her feminist side by singing ‘Flawless’ then to her strongest vocal points whilst singing ‘Resentment’. Jay Z had the crowd going with his songs and ‘99 problems’ and ‘N****s in Paris’ were both hits.  The back up band were placed on a three tier stage in the back, giving the impression of a small army, almost like a small version of her Coachella performance. This was an advantage to the audience who had seats further away as they were still able to see the set and at some points the pair were on the three tier stage as well.
As the show started to end the large screen played an emotional clip of Beyoncé and Jay Z renewing their wedding vows. The crowd went silent. ‘Déjà Vu’ and ‘Show Me What You Got’, were dang along to the triumphant horns being blown on the 3 tier stage. These two songs plus ‘Crazy in Love’ were Beyoncé roof-raisers. The last two songs were both slow. She sang a short piece from her duet she recently recorded with Ed Sheeran, “Perfect”, hitting all the notes perfectly. Her final song was ‘Forever Young’. This sounded and looked like a favorite to all. Jay Z asked for all flashlights to be put up, truly showing the vast amount of people there supporting them.
In conclusion the show was a total triumph. Both of them saying they will be back soon left us all thinking how could their show get any better than that?  It’s Beyoncé and Jay Z… they always have new ways of making things even better than their last performance!

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