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When did pop music become a sprint? As the world turns faster and faster, the shelf life on a hit album (unless a song gets picked up for a TV show or something becomes increasingly fast. Less than a week for the most case. It becomes like your birthday, you spend weeks anticipating it and then its gone in a day.

Well, that is what happens in rock music, they tease it, and leak it, and video it, and then it is released, and for a day or two is at the center of the rock and roll world, and then it is gone completely.

That was Marshall Crenshaw’s point about his album Jaggedland. He spent two years working on it, released it, and then it was over, gone. All the hard work, all the concern, all the care, indeed all the hopes, and it is just eaten alive . Nothing gets out of here alive. If you can remain on Billboard’s Top 10 for a month, you have it made. You will be there for awhile. But you can’t. Sell 40,000 and hit the top ten for one week and then disappear and you are toast. Nothing will save you, you are done.

This is the Summer movie blockbustering of pop music. Ever since Steven Spielberg’s 1975 “Jaws” the big opening has been more important that ever. Now movies open on thousands of screens nationwide for a big big hit and then disappear. Same goes for music. You either hit or you miss and that is all there is to it.  And as for inventory, the internet eats it up, trust me, I know how fast you need new product: it spits out information faster than you can feed it.


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