Jam Today: Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

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David Remnick And Steve Bannon: If it was the mid-1950s and Joe McCarthy agreed to be interviewed in front of an audience, would you have turned him down? Why? How? New Yorker Editor David Remnick would have as well. He did the modern equivalent, inviting Steve Bannon to the annual New Yorker Festival in October and then, after Jim Carrey, Jack Antonoff (JACK ANTONOFF??) and other interviewees cancelled in protest, caved in. Steve Bannon dubbed Remnick gutless and I wholeheartedly agree. What on earth was he thinking of? Who cares if every single person cancelled, Bannon is not just a bigger story, it is a better story. Honestly, Remnick was a little obsequious with Comey last year, still it was a big get and I was happy to watch it. Bannon is humungous, what price seeing the monster eye to eye. As Remnick himself noted, to interview him is not to endorse him. Are we children? Can’t we even listen to thoughts we find repugnant? It’s a disgrace.

Old Music: Over the years we’ve done everything from fantasy setlists to interviews with ghosts here (ten years in April!), so obscure(ish) greatest albums of all time reviewed might be fun. You know I’ve got For Science in my sights, but I think I will begin with The Beautiful South’s masterpiece Carry On Up The Charts from the mid-90s,

New Music: Hoping to do the weekly round up of new releases today or tomorrow, right now it goes: Troye, Roger Miller Trib, Eminem. The problem with Em is that it is a little too focused.

Sports: Colin Kaepernick and Nike, wow. Good for Colin. Good for Nike. Less good for the NFL, who should be nailed hard for collusion.

More Sports: Wow, the Yanks seriously needed to beat the A’s.

Concerts: A quiet week, I am going to blow off Fall Out Boys tonight, but will be seeing Ozzy on Saturday. The following week? Van and Willie!

POTUS: The thing about Trump is even if he was a good President he would be a bad president, as his social media presence leaves the country in a consistent state of anxiety. I’ve said this before however it bears repeating, the most important thing about a functioning democracy is that it allows you to be politically indifferent and ill informed, secure that the country runs itself. A great democratic country should be like an English garden, it just needs an old gardener pottering around and tending to itself and the rest it does itself…

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