Jam Today: Monday, September 10th, 2018

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New Music: My niece Kristin DIab introduced tme to new school singer songwriter Casey Conroy of Orlando, Florida. The 20 year old has a fistful of excellent modern pop songs to her name with a hit to miss ratio quite surprising, they all sound like hits. Her latest is the gorgeous “Tropical” with a hard phut 808 and EDM meets borderline for a strong bass clever hooked beat. If “Tropical” moves on its stomach, “Watch You Go” has a delicate and lovely, ethereal vocal which drifts above the song,. And while we all know what it takes to sing the shook on an EDM song (listen to Dua Lipa On “One Kiss” if you don’t), Casey has less rasp and more a sort of light softness built for melodies that work as ear candy.; it’s a different muscle but a must for singer songwriters. She is performing at C’mon Everybody on Wednesday evening.

More New Music: I’m a little late on Phoebe Bridgers, the album still doesn’t work all the way for me, but without a doubt “Motion Sickness” is a great song. Speaking of great songs, the rest of it isn’t but “Come On To Me” is killer on the new McCartney.

Old Music: Coming to the end of McCartney, I have New, a compilation and the latest and I am done. I am thinking more and more of Aretha Franklin, except I wonder if it coincides too much with Curtis Mayfield? With Sinatra I am up to the first album on Reprise. Curtis Mayfield I am writing with Tomas Doncker, who is in rehearsal for his European tour. Translation? It is going to be awhile till I get to the Impressions huge This Is My Country.

Old Music: Joan Jett just signed a distribution deal with Sony’s Legacy and her entire solo releases are available for streaming for the first time. Why is Morrison’s Tupelo Honey not available?

Russia -Home of the free: “Pussy Riot’s Veronika Nikulshina and Peter Verzilov were arrested and detained by police earlier today (Sept. 9) in Moscow, the group announced on Twitter.Nikulshina was taken into custody along with a friend while driving in the city. According to Pussy Riot, “Moscow police is now claiming that Nika and her friend were refusing to agree to a ‘terrorist check’ of their car — and they had to be arrested. Crazy accusations!” – That’s the sort of law and order the Trump administration would die for.

#MeToo: Viz Les Moonves… here is a clue for yall. imagine the very worst of the CEO of an entertainment empire, then nth it out, and you have the truth. He is guilty as sin. Of course he is. The stench of privilege that launches from CBS and this asshole is overwhelming. He is like an AMEX ad come to life: “Membership has its privileges”. Now, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t set up SPECIFICALLY AT THIS TIME, yes, he was. It means who gives a shit. Some trivia for yall, Les is a great-nephew of Paula Ben-Gurion, the  wife of David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel.

Concerts: A big week ahead, Van and Willie, Childish Gambino, David Byrne. If it is raining I will probably blow off Byrne at Forest Hills Stadiums, my tolerance for getting soaked at a live gig is around zero right now.

Death: Burt Reynolds, the 70s heartthrob, is dead. Wait, now 70s heartthrobs are dying? Oh that relentless movement of time. So sorry to hear rapper Mac Miller at 26 years of age. Remember “Donald Trump”? Ain’t that sump shit? That one was pretty good and then he got serious and bored me, but his latest Swimming was a little better than I gave it credit for . Incidentally, can Ariana Grande’s life can get any more dramatic?

Sports: The Giants lost in a really sad fashion, a return kick was fumbled. Yanks lost. Who cares about the Mets? Jets tonight.

Television: Having concluded my run through modern age  Dr. Who, I am onto the third season of SyFy’s “The Magician,” Season one was solid (Grade: B), Season Two less so (Grade: C+).


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