Jam Today: Monday, August 27th, 2018

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Death: I get that without an end to life, life has no real meaning. And watching my 60s, 70s heroes go and watching my own shadow, is distressing indeed. Neil Simon, a wonderful playwright, lasted till 91 and that body and brain degradation (remember Bob Hope at 100) is terrifying in its completeness.  Neil might have been happy to write forever (I certainly would be) and then it is taken away to and for no greater good. John McCain and Aretha Franklin, both nailed by cancer, it is last call and out. Some losses are just too soon. Roy Orbison was 51 years old when he died, but this week the loss of Kyle Pavone, lead singer of We Came As Romans died at the age of 28… Exit, pursued by a bear.

New Music: The biggest problem with streaming is nothing can save you from the sheer wealth of material and that means even the best albums have an immediate shelf life. I may listen to a song all year long but there is not a single album that has lasted in years. They are nearly all gone in a week, two weeks tops. Given the time, I might seriously deconstruct the new Blood Orange but given the time…  What time? What time do I have? On this mad race to death…

Old Music: Paul McCartney’s  Memory Almost Full is eleven years old, and not quite as good as I remember it though some of his singing is terrific; a huge The Impressions album, Everyone 1s A Winner is on the horizon, and when I get back round to it, Frank Sinatra will still be Capitol and a year away from Reprise.

Television: I am nearing the end of “Disenchanted”, the Matt Groening Netflix toon, and I found it underwhelming in the extreme. Somebody else noted that it took the Simpsons three years to find its footing, and I guess it is still near the start, though as Medieval romps go, it could be a whole lot better. Of the three main characters, none of them have the balance right. Elfo The Elf is especially irritating and very central (for this season at least). I don’t see what the point of putting the story in the Medieval period is when your female heroine would be stoned to death if she actually existed in those times… Grade: C+

Movies: In honor of Neil Simon, I caught his first movie “Come Blow Your Horn”. I saw it as a child, way too young to understand it, but kinda loving it anyway as one form of manhood. It hasn’t aged well at all, but Jill St. John was gorgeous.

Memory Motel: I am in the final third of my novel, but this is where there is a lot of re-writing to be done. I am not sure if I would have posted it if I had thought it through. I have the same problem with writing novels as I do with playing guitar, with a guitar I am sick of the song I’ve learnt to play long before I learnt to play it. With a huge novel the size of “Memory Motel” I am sick of the sight about when I should be editing it.

Sports: Yanks are six games out of first but injury strewn. The Mets are done. The Knicks are done (I know it is a little early but…). Let’s hope Sam Darnold is the real deal for the Jets and for the Giants? Does Eli have another year in him?

Donald Trump: The last man you want to see at your funeral.

More Donald Trump: Hard to predict, but if the economy remains strong, and if the Dems can’t find someone to run against him, and if the Republicans still have a majority in the house, I don’t see him losing in 2020.

Concerts: As it stands, nothing till Fall Out Boy.



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