Jaime Brittain's Swan Song: Skins Creator Quits

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Skins originator Jaime Brittain has quit the gig.  The writer of the British super duper hit has had his fill of the teen drama.

 There is no doubt that maintaining the power of the original cast must have been brutal, and he did a damn good job.  The second cast was likable personable but the shock factor of such a dynamic first season sort of got diluted.  As if he pulled out all his best scenarios and was left with nothing more to shock and awe us.
 He went with lesbians, meh.. nice try but it held no candle to the drug and sex and brutal reality of season one.  Just couldn't.
But what happens is the show kept going, and now in its 3rd cast is tanking hard on Brit E4 with only 600,000 gawkers.  Keep in mind now each cast has 2 seasons, we are in season five, so sixth must happen to end it up neatly
We wont even bring MTV into the slop that's just embarrassing.
"I've just said everything I want to say. It's time for new writers to come forward and portray the truth about teenagers." said Brittain.
That's pretty funny.  There's nothing more to say, everything else is going to be a derivative of what was shown season one.  Yes, we may see likable characters but I assure you they will always have the stigma of being compared- "so that's Tony, that's Chris, hes sorta like Sid…" and so on.
I say lets let it rest OK.
No more Skins here or the other side of the pond.  To do anymore is to really tarnish a brilliant monumental program.  I'm with Britain I'm out.  Thanks for the fabulous memories and the stunning writing, need a job? Like music?  Contact us



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