Jail Weddings’ Gabriel Hart Releases His Debut Novel ‘VIRGINS IN REVERSE/THE INTRUSION’ Today

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Gabriel Hart’s Novel


Jail Weddings leader Gabriel Hart releases his debut novel VIRGINS IN REVERSE/THE INTRUSION today on Traveling Shoes Press! With daring foreword by surrealist rock n’roll auteur Tav Falco!

With his debut “twin” novellas, Gabriel Hart breaks out of the confines of song to deliver a literary Chinese Finger Trap. In these two deceptive morality tales, any quaint preconceived notion of Yin/Yang shall spin unruly into a blurring darkness of the thirsty drain.

What started as a private love letter to a severed flame, Virgins In Reverse ended up a hypnogogic, coming-of-age kitchen sink drama set in a metamorphic Los Angeles. Young alcoholism clashes with the naivete of domestic idealism, commanding surrealistic bridges to connect all fried synapses. Using the analogy of the Emerald Wasp hunting the Cockroach, a parallel narrative will pursue the couple’s unraveling until… it doesn’t quite end, as much as it teeters on a mere cliffhanging layover.

But this purgatory continues in The Intrusion. Exploring the staggering correlations between alcoholic blackouts and what we perceive as spirit possession, we follow the same young man from Virgins In Reverse through his own jagged personal apocalypse, where his synonymous bottle seems to contain an unholy genie that “has played him like a brown note trumpet.” Part bat-shit noir, part Bildungsroman, and part clinical study, The Intrusion is destined to be the definitive take on what this generation refers to as “the fear.”



Wednesday, January 16th
Stories Books in Echo Park
Gabriel Hart presents Virgins In Reverse/The Intrusion
Tony DuShane (Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, Drinks With Tonypodcast)
Jean-Paul Garnier (Space Cowboy Books, Echo of Creation)
Adam Mars (Unreal For Real)

Saturday, January 26th
Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree
Gabriel Hart presents Virgins In Reverse/The Intrusion
John Tottenham (The Hate Poems, The Inertia Variations)
Jean-Paul Garnier
Jon Christopher (Traveling Shoes Press)


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