‘I’ve Got the P.M.A.!,’ A New Children’s Book By HR

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Book By HR

‘I’ve Got the P.M.A.!,’ A New Children’s Book By HR


During these difficult times of isolation and depression, the frontman of hardcore pioneers Bad Brains, the legendary HR, is releasing his first-ever children’s book with the right attitude, the P.M.A. of course.

‘I’ve Got the P.M.A.!’ was made in collaboration with punk illustrators HECreative and is all about positivity and teaching tomorrow’s adults about the message of Positive Mental Attitude that HR has been spreading for over 40 years.

This is a 210 mm x 210 mm full-color paperback book, featuring 24 beautifully illustrated pages spreading the message of P.M.A., You can see a few charming pages below and follow a Black kid having fun and choosing the bright side of life whatever is happening. Isn’t it what we need right now?

People who will pre-order the book (for £20.00) will receive the special Preorder Bundle including:

• The First Edition of the book

• A thank-you postcard from HR

• An exclusive 8×8″ print

• A postcard featuring concept art

Pre Orders will ship October 1st, 2020.

Book By HR Book By HR Book By HR

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