It’s Been Two Years, How About A Mike Hudson Boxset?

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I loved the Pagans leader Mike Hudson. I named, and somewhat based, a major character in my last novel on him, long before he died in October 2017. And I miss him. Yeah, I realize he could be an asshole but once you said that you said everything.

Certainly, in his last few years he was nailing song after song. 2014’s Hollywood High stands as a testament to the complete and consistent strength of his skills, and the very last song we got off him “Nowhere Girl” was as great as anything he ever did.

But now we have the Peter Laughner, a Hudson contemporary, box set, where is the Hudson one? There is plenty of stuff out there and isn’t it time we put it all together in one smashing box set. Where’s Smog Veil when you need em?

And who owns the copyright to the music, who are the inheritors?  Please, let’s get it all together… If Smog Veil has nearly sold out of the Laughner Box set, there is zero reason t suppose it couldn’t do just as well.

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