It (Was) The End Of The World As We Know It

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So, uh… about that whole "end of the world" thing.

Because it clearly didn't happen, we can all slow clap for those who thought it would and be thankful we didn't get zapped off the face of the earth.

Here's a "Be Glad The World Didn't End" playlist.

1.  "Every Day Is Like Sunday"- Morrissey.  Pretty sure Morrissey was lookin' forward to the end of the world, but just because his plea of "Armageddon, come!" ended up not coming true doesn't mean it's not still a good tune.  This sad dude singing this sad song is perfect for the apocalypse.

2.  "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"- R.E.M.  Cliche, but necessary.  Of course no one knows the words to the whole thing, 'cause it's pretty much impossible, but the chorus is sure to induce a sing-along.  Definitely the best apocalyptic song ever written.

3.  "I Will Survive"- Gloria Gaynor.  Ok, I'll admit that I just made myself laugh.  I didn't even realize that this could be an end-of-the-world tune, but now that I think about it, it's perfect.  Could you imagine this playing during the zombie apocalypse or something?  Hilarious.  

4.  "Stayin' Alive"- Bee Gees.  One of the most fun songs to sing and be obnoxious about, and it's good for feeling nostalgic for if and when the next end of the world comes and it's time to think of the good 'ol days.

5.  "London Calling"- The Clash.  "The ice age is coming, the sun's zooming in, meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin."  They knew that armageddon was coming, I guess, and this song is super catchy.  Dance your way out of doom.

6.  "Stairway to Heaven"- Led Zepplin.  You get it.

7.  "Wonderful World"- The Ramones.  A good way to thank mother nature for continuing to exist, and to thank human life for not ceasing.  It is a wonderful world.

8.  "1999"- Prince.  Totally the best "the world's gonna end so who cares" tune and it's fun.

9.  "Don't Fear The Reaper"- Blue Oyster Cult.  Great because the people were so afraid of dying in the apocalypse, but luckily we can move forward, be happy that we're still alive, and try not to fear death so much.

10.  "Good Riddance"- Green Day.  For the cynics who were bummed there was no 'end of the world', here ya go.  Sing this instead.

Yay for Armageddon being false!


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