It Is Time To Get Stadium Pricing Right

Written by | May 10, 2011 0:12 am | No Comments


The ridiculous prices of Stadium seats for rock concerts is taking the entire touring word out of play.
I suggest.
Upper Tier: $10 . All paperless tix.
Middle tier $75.
Lower Tier: $150 .
Floor (say row 20 to row 40) $250
Floor (10 to 20) $350
Floor (5 to 10) 500
Floor 1 – 5 -anything the band can get.
If I could afford it (money is ALWAYS relative) I would pay $1500 for front row to the Stones.
And I see no reason why ticket brokers shouldn't broke the more expensive tix, the ones that shouldn't be broken are the ones that are cheap for fans who can't afford the higher prices

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