Into The Groovy: New Deep Album Tracks 10-8-18 -10-18-18

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Mandolin Wind – Amy Helm – Not only did Rod Stewart write this song, he also owns it and needs nothing added. So Amy adds nothing, but she subtracts nothing either, on this delicate beauty of a cover.

Queendom – AURORA – From her strange and sweet new album, a strange and sweet opening song with electronic gadgetry that gives the song a far reached yodel of a sound.

Horizon – Cat Power – A haunting piano based ballad for the deeply overwrought Ms Power.

When I Saw You Last Night – David Nance Group – If what you want is a real good rock and roll band, I can’t recommend this Omaha groove monsters strongly enough, her they psyche and garage out of their minds.

Hippie Radio – Eric Church – Not sure if I’d call it hippie radio, I mean why isn’t he listening to Steppenwolf? Still, a sweet memory of daddy singing tunelessly along.

Wildflowers – Joyce Manor – An oddly lovely song by the pop punkers.

Mona Lisa – Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar – Usually when Kendrick is guesting he is phoning it in (Hiya Taylor Swift), but here he attacks his verses with verve and power and had to because Lil Wayne woulda left him in the dust. debatably, our two best rappers combining.

Where Have You Ben – Noah Cyrus – Sure, it’s a major bummer, she even cries, but it’s a strongly emotional sad, sad thing.

Comedown – Parcels – Most of the album was on the underwhelming side but this is a real clever song with a herky jerkiness to the rhythm and a piano a little strange and a drifting vocal near the two third mar.

Black Queen – Young Dolph, Moma Gabbana – One of Young Dolph’s finest moments, he resists the trap beats that the true gangsta is famous for on this piano only backing ode to his mother.

Paradise – Anna St. Louis – Why does so much singer songwriter come on like Americana? This is a dreamy thing…




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