Into The Groovy: Best Album Tracks 8-24-18 – 8-30-18

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sweetener – Ariana Grande – Had it to Pharrell Williams for this sweet as molasses pop bubblegum, a feel good lemons to lemonade concept, which is kinda lame sure but the ong sells it with ease.

Heavyweight Sound (feat. RD) – Bassnectar, Jantsen, RD – Bassnectar knows from bass, right, that’s his schtick and he doesn’t just drop the bass, it is always there. Here it is mostly there and when it does explode it really does. Plus, grime star RD is magical here, the rap is a hard slap on a song that is a hard slap… is that dubstep?

People Have the Power – Candi Stanton – You remember the original of course (and there I even a “Love, Peace, and Understanding” cover on the album) but Patti Smith is a full time seculist and Candi is a believer and she adds a dollop of gospel on the flames.

First Time – Liam Payne, French Montana – So before he gets into Cheryl, here is a new love on the horizon dance track that will move your butt like it is a banger -which it isn’t.

Memories – Nebu Kiniza – How young is this guy? His ode to fidelity is all over the place and while people of good faith may well question it, sure seems to me that “If I gotta a bitch I’m never cheating” is a mixed blessing.though “Kill them with the flow not the remix” makes up for it, especially since he does just that.

Oh Yeah (feat. HiDoraah) – Young Thug, Young Stoner Life Records, HiDoraah – This song is so great, a mix of Lil Peep and Julien Baker, just a strength disavowed, a drug addiction in full effect and sexual obsession with the promise of good genes. An immediately a masterpiece and best in class. I actually haven’t gotten to the album yet…



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