Iman and Hel Do SNL: Janelle Monae

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gettin’ cray

A strange thing happened on the way to SNL tonight. I ended up doing this on my own.  Yup, Iman is off in the wilds of Maryland for the marriage of his dear niece and well the kid is busy entertaining so…you’re stuck with me.

Janelle Monae is an American singer with a Euro look (and name!) a pop star in her own right but not mainstream enough to be a household name.  I saw her open up for No Doubt a few years ago and she was pleasant enough. I really expected more just based upon her look but I just got a serving of pretty ghetto fabulous.

Q.U.E.E.N is a pain in the ass to type so I really would rather ignore it but I don’t suppose I can.  I love the video and well- of course, I hate the song.  Any tune that goes ‘oh like ooo’ is trash and I don’t care if Erica Badu is involved.  I did notice that she took that giant wrap off her head, that must make her feel alot lighter.  But back to Janelle.  Shes beautiful and a part of me thinks she wishes she were Grace Jones.  hmmm

Saturday Night Live has Edward Norton tonight…yeah, best Saturday Night in long long time.

That infamous black and white contrast is beautiful but this aint ska and I wish it was  Such amazing energy and fun for all 20 people on the stage.  I dont know why but it’s gotta be the colors.  Shes pure entertainer and I cant even say I hate it. Just wish I could identify the song.  But they all sound the same.


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