If The USA Never Kidnapped Africans? A Musical Dystopia

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All people may well be created equal but without the Africans brought over in the 17th and 18th centuries, African people were superior to the European population in at least one way: musically.

Without Black Americans we would have no:




Country (I might add here: I never said I hated Ken Barnes “Country” in its entirety, I loved the first two episodes and I wasn’t aware of black people’s influence on Hillbilly before then)



Hip Hop

or, and no electric guitar.

We would have had orchestras (we got that from European classical music) but they would have never been able to swing what would have been left of the Great American Songbird because we wouldn’t have known how to arrange the drums.

Of all the things the USA owes 13% of its citizens, this is beyond huge. Black Africans became Black Americans and Black Americans make the USA cool and desired by the world. People say Calvin Klein jeans and MTV beat the Soviet Union, that as well as the rest of the world’s complete inability to be Michael Jackson.



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