Ian Guerin Speaks From Mexico on the Ultimate Lockdown

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Mexican R&B/Pop rising superstar Ian Guerin waits with the rest of the world as the day to day drama unfolds and we all attempt to get accustomed to the new normal. The word viral has taken on a new meaning and artists all over the globe remain in lockdown. I spoke to Ian regarding his view point on the situation and was super inspired by some of his answers…..

What are you occupying yourself with during these crazy times?

I’ve been reading “The Beautiful Ones,” Prince’s biography, watching “Better Call Saul” in my Free Time & going through all my pending collaborations, as well as a deal that’s been in the works for a couple of months now.

I’ve tried to sort out as much as possible for when things start to go back to normal. I can’t wait for people to listen to all the new songs I have in the works with all these unique & talented artists, so I’m trying to plan around it so that everything is ready when the world reopens for business.

Do you feel that anything good will come out of this mess?

Yes, this situation has shown us how fleeting life is, how small & expendable we truly are and I think that will bring awareness to matters of extreme importance like global warming and the carbon print of human kind. However, the question is will we see it?

Higher powers have overlooked issues for their own gain time, time and time again and have encouraged people to practice obliviousness so, once it passes, many will go back to feeling immortal & superior.

We pray in times of need, not in times of joy and that shows we’re not naturally grateful. So, it’s up to us. The planet is giving us one last wake up call, we would be flat A stupid to ignore it.

What is new on the horizon for you?

A couple of new songs that are going to definitely break the bounds of the style that people know and love from me! I’m planning shows & songs for other artists so for now I’m taking each day as it comes, trying to take on as many works as possible, because fans deserve the best during this time and I’m more driven than ever.

A lot of artists are doing live streaming, what’s your viewpoint on that?

I think it’s great! I myself am planning one in the weeks to come. I’ve participated in some and have seen others and I think it’s just great. Our job as entertainers is to allow people to blow off steam and bring fans and artists closer than ever before during this time.

Fans have gotten the chance to see the ‘human’ side of artists, while artists have leveled up with fans.

The fact that it’s not the usual “artist helps others through foundations” scheme, is creating a synergy that will revolutionize the way fans and artists bond.

Do you recall a single moment that changed the trajectory of your whole life?

Yes, the moment my OCD blew up. I always felt like something was wrong with the way my thoughts spinned compulsively inside my head, but when it blew up —and I was made aware of the symptoms that had affected me my whole life— my entire world shifted.

I remember being immersed in one of the toughest obsessions I ever had and thinking to myself “if you make it out alive, something good will come.” I made it out a wiser, more sensitive, empathic, determined, articulate, conscious, awakened man.

I can really say I’ve become who I always wanted to be since then, but I’m still a work in progress—always aiming to be the best version of myself.

Is there a particular song, not one of your own, that always evokes some kind of emotion to you when you hear it?

I heard Diana Krall’s “Narrow Daylight” every morning for 6 years straight during elementary and high school, and it always evoked hope for a better tomorrow; a tomorrow where I’d get to express, inspire & transcend.

However, I lately have a thing for David Lee Roth’s “Just a Gigolo,” because those words just resonate with me—I have no reason to feel sad and lonely, but people ought to hear those lines closely. I sometimes think of myself the way that song describes. Not a single word excluded.

What is the coolest advice you can give to your followers and fans during this time?

Take this time as a chance to explore the sides of you that are regularly overshadowed by your daily routine. Do those crafts, paint those paintings, write that song, read that book, watch that show, meditate, exercise, sleep, relax & eat well.

Maybe this is your chance to take a moment to become who you want to be.

Imagine you want those abs, those arms or that extra vocal confidence to be able to walk up to your crush and ask her/him out. Now is the time to rehearse in front of the mirror till you build your inner-self strong.

Now is the time to pump up those crunches or dye your hair or connect with your higher self.

We’re always longing for FREE TIME to do the things that we think will enhance our life any which way—now is the time to stay home and do it. Stop craving it. Remember all you wanted when you were outside was to stay in.

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