I Tried To See Mandy Moore At The Bootleg And I Failed!

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Mandy Moore at the Bootleg

Mandy Moore


I tried to see Mandy Moore at the Bootleg yesterday night, and I failed miserably! I have greatly underestimated her fame but at the same time, would I have waited the entire afternoon or the entire day in front of the small venue to see her? Probably not.

Mandy Moore had a Saturday residency during February, and no tickets were on sale online. The bootleg website was saying ‘first come, first serve’, so I decided to give it a try.

The show was at 9 pm and I arrived a bit before 7 pm which was way too optimistic. At 7 pm, I didn’t know there was not a chance but I nevertheless waited patiently with hundreds of people already in line. The Bootleg Theatre is a small venue, with a capacity of around 700, but it was very hard to estimate how many people were in front of me. Then, there was a second line for VIP and guests on the other side of the door, and people kept arriving during all the time I was there, and they were obviously given priority. Thus, there was no way to estimate how many people would show up at the last minute, and, apparently, a lot of them showed up.

While talking to some people in the crowd, a guy said he had read online that someone had shown up at 10 am for one of her previous shows, and at this moment I thought there was not too much hope… I would be very lucky if I could get in! The line was already quite long when I arrived and there were people at the beginning of the line who seemed to have been there for a while, sitting on camping chairs with iceboxes between their legs… what is this circus? I thought, is Mandy Moore as famous as the Rolling Stones? The line moved very slowly during the 2 hours I was there, as they were slowly letting people in until the venue got full. Probably 70-80 people in front of me (and way more behind me) received the bad news.

Mandy has been playing a few shows at the Bootleg all February long, and according to the people I talked to they were all as crowded as this one. Actually, many people thought that, if there was a good chance to get in, it was for this last one because everyone in LA had to be preoccupied with Sunday’s Oscars. Well, it was not really the case.

Mandy Moore’s team is large and strong, I overheard a timid Ryan Adams discussion between a few people, and they were talking how bad Ryan was: the proof? even the Strokes has said how fucked up he was… it was not the place to show up with a Ryan Adams shirt I suppose.

How to explain this overwhelming success? First of all, Mandy Moore has not performed in front of a live audience for nearly 13 years, secondly, she has an upcoming album, so she performed a lot of new material during these intimate shows. ‘Silver Landings’ (which will be out March 6 via Verve Forecast) is her first album since her 2009’s ‘Amanda Leigh’, and it was also the title of her Bootleg residency.

I have now found a review online, and next time I will do my homework before going to such a show! This is what they were saying at the end of the write-up:

’Our covering writer/photographer who covered Mandy Moore’s first of her Bootleg Residency shows arrived at 10 am! But that was too early.

The first set of people didn’t arrive until 3 pm and there after. The line didn’t hit the corner until 6 pm. I want to say, if one is in the line around the block, there is a likely chance they’ll get into the show.’

Well, I was around the block, and not too far from the corner of the street, and I did not get in! Arriving at 3 pm meant 6 hours of wait, which seemed to me too much of a commitment for Mandy Moore. Here is a video of one of her new songs:


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