I miss the old Kanye

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Is Kanye ok?

I miss the old Kanye.


As of late, it seems as though Kanye West has snapped. He is on Twitter posting about his support for Trump, wearing a Make America Great Again hat and then tweeting a photo of Emma Gonzalez with the caption “my hero Emma Gonzalez” and then a photo of himself with a shaved head with the caption “Inspired by Emma.” I’m pretty sure he’s losing his mind.

So, let’s play a game of West tweet or psychobabble: “You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy.” If you guessed that West tweeted it, you’d be right. Whatever “dragon energy” is I’m almost sure it’s the only common ground Kanye and Trump have.

The funny thing is that such a vast majority of West’s fan base is the lacrosse playing frat partying college white boy who wears backwards hats and Vineyard Vines and says the “n-word” casually. Meaning, he won’t be suffering a big blow to his fan base as a result of these antics.

What’s inherently problematic about this whole situation is the idea that two individuals—Trump and West—seem so different, so othered from one another in the public eye. However, they both benefit from the same privilege that celebrity status has afforded them for many years. While West has less social currency as a black man, he is still regarded highly by society.

West tweeted a photo of what appears to be a hall of the White House and captioned it “do this look like the sunken place.” The “sunken place” is the expression of frustration for people who feel more marginalized than ever in the age of Trump, or how in the film black people are taken advantage of by white people and systemically oppressed. It seems as though he is distancing himself from the idea of the sunken place and saying that he is past it, or perhaps even above it.

Ultimately, West attempting to justify his support of Trump by claiming that “we have to get good at loving each other” and talking about how people need to be nicer and love more is disturbing. Trump is a disgusting racist and is mobilizing the alt-right to be emboldened and more public than ever. West supporting that means that it’s time to just drop him. Kanye is cancelled.

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