How To Buy Tickets To Concerts… Sometimes Really Cheaply

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What constitutes sold old? I went crazy looking for Madonna tickets, going for verified fan sales, staying up nice: the usual. In the end I got a ticket for $400 directly from Ticketmaster. Then, they changed the date. Then, I discovered she didn’t get on stage till elevenish, and so I returned them for a refund.

So far, so good.

But then I thought some more, and I realized I was gonna be out till nine on Thursday, October 3rd (a SohoJohnny open house), so maybe, maybe I could find a seat to Madonna. So I started haunting Stubhub, where tickets would fall as far as $95, and I eventually got a similar seat for $200.

The point is: shows don’t sell out. Oh, sometimes they do, I certainly assume Taylor Swift’s show in Boston will be a complete sell out, Lizzo sold out, Billie Eilish sold out. So there are definite sell outs all the time. BUT, if you are smart you know not to wait till, say, Jingle Ball hits the secondary market. That’s obvious. But how about the Who at MSG, or Bruce at Met Life? Do you wait, then? i Say yes…

I paid $120 for tickets behind the stage for Vampire Weekend, within a month tickets were going for $25 in front of the stage. I was completely shafted because I jumped when I should have waited, they don’t release all tickets presale so you can end up as I did, being completely shafted.

This is especially true of residency… I haven’t bought my Dylan tickets yet, I just assume he can’t sell out ten nights and so there will be more tickets available. That was true of Paul McCartney, who actually ended up giving away tickets on a website that is used to fill tushes where stars don’t want half empty auditoriums. That one particularly killed me, I decided to throw the dice when there was only one night at MSG, and bought some extras to resell and lost my shirt.

What happens is, the closest you get to concert night either the price will tumble or it will go up, so it is a crap shoot, but if you are so crazy to see a band you might want to buy early, and if not, then, by all means, don’t.

Me, I am not buying my Dylan tix for another month.


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