How Are Doing The Musicians Who Were Supporting Trump?

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musicians who were supporting Trump

Kid Rock, one of the musicians who were supporting Trump


Can we agree that supporting Trump at this point has nothing to do with being a Republican and nothing to do with political opinions? Can we agree that censoring people who are still supporting this sick man has nothing to do with the idea of tolerating different points of view? If you disagree, you may stop reading immediately and find help, and I don’t want to be lectured about tolerance by intolerant people.

After what we have witnessed yesterday, there are only 2 possibilities for people who are in bed with Trump’s agenda: backpedaling and admitting this was wrong – even though they will look stupid, they will save their soul – or standing by the insanity as the ship is sinking while screaming ‘communism’ or ‘attack on free speech’… This is all these people are talking about since Trump was banned from Twitter and other social media platforms.

During these past weeks, Trump lost over and over: he lost the election, lost all his lawsuits, lost the recounts, lost Georgia, he was exposed while soliciting voter fraud on the phone, and he is fully responsible for what happened on Wednesday, a failed coup, an incitement to violence, an attempt to damage democracy for good, and a full insurrection. This is not about differences in political opinions anymore, this is about supporting a felon, a traitor, and an enemy of democracy. So how are doing the musicians who were supporting Trump?

System of a Down’s John Dolmayan hasn’t hidden his support for Trump these past months. He however posted the following comment on his Instagram reacting to the Trump mob storming the Capitol: ‘A rally, a protest, a movement, a debate, or any activism of any kind should be and can be conducted peacefully. There are those who’s goal it is to create a civil war of thought in this country and the polarization experienced in the last year has proven it. Our country is in need of sensible debate and a greater understanding of opposing views. Unfortunately, I see a greater divide in the future and less acceptance of alternative thinking. Simply reading some of the comments below will show this. If Biden is in fact president I wish his presidency the best and will support the country in any way I can, as an American that’s my responsibility, and as a conservative that’s just my ideology.’ His discourse is still highly problematic at many levels (‘If Biden is in fact president’?), but he is at least disapproving of the insurrection. As for the ‘greater understanding of opposing views,’ that he is complaining about, this is of course laughable after everything we have heard from his side these past weeks.

Ariel Pink has not retracted any of his love for Trump, he was even quoted in this Variety article reiterating his disdain for democrats and even more: ‘because literally everything the Democrats stand for, every single platform, is bullshit. So Trump for me is an indictment on anything bullshit… I’m so gay for Trump, I would let him fuck me in the butt.’ Reading Roger Stone’s posts on Parler made me think that all these people have another thing in common: vulgarity. By the way, his label dropped him. Also noticeable, Sam France, the singer of Foxygen, liked Ariel Pink’s tweets about Trump, so here is another one.

As for the rappers who were big Trump supporters before the election, we did not get a word from Lil Pump or Kanye West or Lil Wayne or Kodak Black … just before the event, they were only focusing on the possible pardon of Lil Wayne and Kodal Black, but they have to hurry up because an impeachment would probably compromise this.

Vanilla Ice and Terri Nunn who performed for Trump’s NYE event at Mar-a-Largo are also silent.

You would think that big-time supporters such as Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Loretta Lynn would have reacted one way or the other, but they haven’t tweeted anything since the events. Dennis Quaid, who was a Trump supporter, has made a 180º turn – so good for him in a way although this comes a bit late. Gene Simmons is trying to justify himself, tweeting about the ‘good republicans’ and Mike Pence who is trying to save his life and career… ‘I have always admired Ronald Reagan. I like Mitt Romney. I liked and respected John McCain. ..There are plenty of honorable and admirable Republicans. What’s your point.’ But to his defense, he is tweeting a lot about what’s happening and hasn’t fallen for Trumpist BS.

Pat Boone, who has been a big Trump supporter – he was even doing robocall for Trump’s campaign – just tweeted a photo of him with Ronald Reagan as an advertisement for his show on SiriusXM. I take this as a proud endorsement of republican politics at a moment when the Republicans have lost their identity.

As for Brad Paisley, despite this photo of him posing with Trump, he has never been a Trump supporter, his fans in revanche are, and the mob is after him.

I am sure there are plenty of other artists who are currently hiding from the spotlight. They are either delusional like Ariel Pink or hiding behind their American flags. But I would want every single Republican musician to be held accountable for still supporting Trump.

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One Response to “How Are Doing The Musicians Who Were Supporting Trump?”

  1. Danny Bile

    If Dave Mustaine still backs this Traitor I won’t ever wear a Megadeth patch again n he’ll be just another phony Christian like the people who hated him back in the day


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