H&M To Carry Susie-Cave-Designed Dresses And Nick-Cave-Designed Jewelry

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Nick-Cave-Designed Jewelry

Susie and Nick Cave: H&R will carry Nick-Cave-Designed Jewelry


If you are a Nick Cave’s fan, you very probably know that his wife Susie Cave is designing dresses under the moniker ‘The Vampire’s Wife.’ In the movie ‘One More Time with Feeling, there is a scene showing Susie talking about her designer work with passion despite her profound sadness — it was jsut after the death of their son Arthur.

The style of her dresses could be called gothic, a bit witchy, or prairie-dresses style, with Victorian details, intricate lace, ruffled hems, velvet ribbons and exaggerated sleeves and collars. But if you have ever checked Susie’s dresses, you may know that these beauties are not coming cheap, this Sparkle Velvet Night Flight Dress is sold for $1777.20 and this Lace Runaway Dress is sold for $3,548.40! However, this will change with her new H&R collection, which will be accessible to most budgets. According to British Vogue, the Vampire’s Wife is collaborating with the mega-retail store and will bring you affordable Cave’s gothic chic, starting October 22, just in time for Halloween.

‘H&M took great pains to find the very essence of what The Vampire’s Wife is about, and then realized my dreams to my exact specifications,’ said Susie Cave in an interview with Vogue. ‘To design a dress at The Vampire’s Wife and get it through to the finish line is extremely difficult, miraculous really, as we are a small company. H&M is extraordinarily powerful in that respect.’

‘It seems to me like an act of magic’ she added. ‘Such grand names have gone before me! Karl Lagerfeld and Versace… but really it was the idea that my dresses could be available to everyone that was so very exciting.’

Susie Cave fashion is going mainstream, and even though you may think that these amazing dresses are not for you – only a few people can wear them on certain occasions – some accessories may attract your attention (and mine)… This cape with a sumptuous velvet bow may charm a few, or maybe the detachable oversized collars?

But most importantly, H&M will carry jewelry designed by her husband, Nick Cave: ‘Our house has become like Warhol’s factory – except there are no visitors, of course. We are a couple of hermits,’ she said, ‘Nick sat down one morning and designed it all himself. He loves to work on things he knows nothing about. He sees it as an advantage and is not restrained by limitations.’ The long lockdown may have contributed to this new occupation.

Vogue has revealed that there will be ‘charm bracelets, ear cuffs and necklaces, which feature fangs, eye and cloud iconography,’ which are nods to the ‘little visual treasures that mean so much’ to the couple.

Soon, retail store H&M will carry Nick-Cave-designed jewelry… And if we don’t have any photos yet, there are a lot of chances they will be inspired by this $36,057.60 gold and diamond charm bracelet sold on Susie’s website? Hopefully, some items will be affordable.

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