HFT 9/24/11

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In preparation for Radiohead on Saturday Night Live tonight, I thought I would tune in to some Yorke to get ready for it.  Then quickly changed my mind, I mean really, why ruin a day?

1- Creep, The Pretenders.  Best cover of all time

2- There Goes The Neighborhood, Body Count.  I really loved this Ice T metal band  when they popped on the scene, and rediscovered them on a random shuffle

3-Los Angeles, X  Should I? Should I?  …dunno

4- "A Forbidden Dance", Alesana.   Jesus these guys freakin RULE but suck at the same time

5- "Time Travel", Never Shout Never.  I hate myself for loving this

6-"Mr Dobalina" Del tha Funkee Homos.  Found this looking for The Monkees version and love it more! WIN! 



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