HFT 9.6.11

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     On my way back to civilization and aside from the dirt the scrapes and the bruises, I am none the worse for wear.Summer is gone, life goes on and there are tons of new adventures ahead- all that have massive amounts of neon and concrete!

Hell yes.

The Specials- “Concrete Jungle” the drum in this is totally siiiiick!

The Jam- “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight”

Nick Gilder- “Hot Child In The City”

Ethel Merman “God Bless America” actually heard this blasting from a car like a G would pimp Weezy- how odd.

Guns and Roses “Home Sweet Home” How did this band get so big and crash to oblivion so dramatically?

Art Brut “Lost Weekend”- sorry still replaying this one

Decemberists “Billy Liar”- so jaunty

Joe Jackson “Friday”- is it Friday yet?


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