Here We Go!: All Time Low Playlist

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All Time Low's been around forever, and are at the top of their game right now.

 Preparing to check them out this weekend I thought Id take a trip back to when I was the only kid in my class that knew who they were, who rocked out with them at the MTV studios for New Years Eve and who has loved them for years…

1.  "Jasey Rae".  It's beautiful and the acoustic version is one of the best songs they've ever written.

2.  "Remembering Sunday".  The lyrics and story it tells brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it.

3.  "Vegas".  One of the first songs by them that wasn't on the radio that I got really into.

4.  "Walls".  The lyrics and beat make this song my favourite one of theirs to dance to.

5.  "Therapy".  The most beautiful and heartfelt song ATL has ever written.

6.  "A Party Song".  It's on every single one of my party playlists.

7.  "Let It Roll".  One of the first songs I really liked by them.

8.  "Hello Brooklyn".  It's addictive.

9.  "I Feel Like Dancin'". Shiney polished ATL, we arent kids anymore. Great single!

10.  "Poison".  Best song they've ever written, musically and lyrically.  I could listen to it repeat forever. 

All Time Low is at an all time high.  Stay tuned for more

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