Herd Immunity Fest, An Irresponsible Music Festival Will Be Held In Wisconsin This Summer

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Herd Immunity Fest

Herd Immunity Fest


So, you think there will be no festival and no concert this summer? You are wrong! the little town of Ringle, Wisconsin has planned a 3-day festival right in the middle of this pandemic, with a name that gives away the intention of the organizers ‘Herd Immunity Fest’… Do you find this funny? Because I don’t!

The festival will be taking place on July 16th-18th in Ringle, and the lineup promises to include Static-XNonpointDope, Bobaflex, Royal Bliss among others as the Eventbrite page of the event says. The fest will actually feature 15 bands in total, playing on an outdoor stage at The Q & Z Expo Center and you may be happy to learn that tickets will be limited to 2,500. As it is specified on the page, the area used for the fest could hold over 10,000 but they are keeping it at 2500 to allow everyone to keep some social distance.

This is the statement posted on their Facebook page:

‘So here it is. A very special thank you to Erik, and all the bands, booking agents, production staff, all of our Q&Z family and friends, and special thanks to my husband Andy for putting up with a crazy woman for 6 days non stop.
When the lockdown first happened my first thought was OK we can all do 2 weeks, then it went on and on, things were getting canceled, I started to worry about people not only for this COVID but mental, physical, financial. As humans, we NEED other human contacts. MUSIC in itself is great, but the live streams as I am sure you all know is just not the same we need LIVE, feel it to the bones, run shivers up your spine MUSIC with people around us. Takes us all away on a trip that unless you have felt it you won’t understand.
So it is OUR honor to bring you this mini-fest. Let’s make it a fun, safe weekend, and let’s be kind to each other. Spread the word by sharing the event and invite your friends.’

How can it be safe with thousands of people around? At a moment when the situation is not the best? Wisconsin is currently seeing some high coronavirus activity as it is the case in other states. Most of the fans’ responses are positive except for a few people thinking it is wildly irresponsible.

I understand that people are missing live music right now, but it sounds totally irresponsible and if there is a COVID-19 peak two weeks later in Wisconsin, they will be held responsible for it. I wonder which one of these crazy metal bands will be the first to drop out of the fest, and it looks like the band NonPoint has already canceled ‘because of the name of the show’ as they declared on Twitter.

Tickets can be found here, and a three-day pass will cost you $105.50, ventilator not included.


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