Hear ye: What rock nyc is listening to 10-20-13

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The Bongos



















1. Every Single Night – Fiona Apple – This is the other half of Fiona. Fiona as nursery rhyme singer, skipping merrily down the path of weirdness before losing it again – A

2. Corduroy – Pearl Jam – A highlight at Friday nights gig, it is still not for us I guess – A+

3. The Book Of Love – Margot MacDonald – A Capella love song released February 14th for a reason – A

4. Come Down Easy – Carole King – Sweetly indisposed as single moms tend to be — B+

5. The Ballad Of Sean Foley – Maria Taylor – Nicer woman in rock and roll sings with her ex-boyfriend … who happens to be very very famous – A

6. Comfort – Arms – Another CMJ performaner kills it on record – A

7. Sunshine Superman – The Bongos – Barone drugs it out and bangs a gong – A-

8. This Supermodel – John Mendelsohn – The ever elegant Mr. Mendelsohn arranges a super sophisticated tart piece of extended cynicism. It reminds me of the Magnetic Fields… I mean the good one who made 69 Love Songs – A-

9. Let The Good Time Roll – The Grateful Dead – Oh dear, plod rock – C-

10. Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to Be Loved) – Bright Eyes – One of the greatest songs of the 21 st century – A+

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