Has Drake Peaked?

Written by | May 6, 2020 13:27 pm | No Comments


What goes up must come down but over the past fourteen years Drake has been on a constant upswing… until last week’s Dark Lane Demo, a fine album of odds and sods that doesn’t seem to be generating the numbers you’d expect. It currently has a total of two songs on the US Top 50 Spotify streams, and not even the # 1, that belongs to the Scotts, and the # 2 is “Toosie Slide” which has been around for a month. Only the Playboy Carti joint has joined it and though the rest of the tracks are in the Top Fifty, none of the numbers are eye popping.

I don’t get it.

The material is certainly good enough and nobody has anything else to do.

But the streaming numbers haven’t made any sense since the beginning. The sense is that with so much time to kill, people are watching movies not listening to music. But for a great swath of music lovers, Drake is the man. I thought that maybe since there was no tour, perhaps Drake was being hurt by bundling but he really isn’t much of a guy for bundling with tickets so it isn’t that…

Perhaps he has peaked…


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