Happy Birthday To rock nyc’s Alyson Camus

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It must be ten years now since Alyson Camus commented on a post about, who else, Elliott Smith, I wrote on rock nyc and since then she has been an integral part of everything we do here, outlasting (and in some cases outliving) contributors and partners, and becoming a figure in the Los Angeles indie world, where her expert action photography (she is commissioned by the acts she captures on camera to capture them more) and consistent championing of the local indie scene has made her a fan and musician favorite.

Alyson is of French extract who first moved to New York and then to LA where she is a teacher with a penchant for science. A vegan, an atheist, and a passionate adhere to the science of life and not to the idle dreamers who surround her, she is a nightfly who spends her time detailing the LA club scene for us.

Musically, she is a huge fan of Elliott Smith and has done tremendous research on the folk singer’s controversial passing. You will also find pictures of her with other favorites: Josh Hommes, Cat Power, Nick Cave, and Iggy Pop among many musicians and rock stars.

I, myself take credit for Alyson’s “nom de plume,” taking the Alyson from John Fowle’s “The Magus” (and elvis Costello, of course) and Camus from Albert Camus.E

Here at rock nyc, we admire and love her tremendously and while stuck in isolation at home and not among her extended family, it gives us the opportunity to wish her the happiest of birthdays.

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